No machine is designed or meant to last forever, but that doesn't mean you have to send it to scrap. ProBal can offer an electronics upgrade to any existing dynamic balancing machine. Many times manufacturers will no longer offer service or support for aging equipment. We can take an existing balancing machine frame and attach new sensors, encoders, and drive systems.

When your system is outdated, becomes unreliable, or even completely stops working, buying a new machine to replace it isn't your only option. We can help you minimize disruption, frustration, and downtime by upgrading your electronics and controls. You get to keep your machine that you're already familiar with AND enjoy all the same technology and serviceability as a new machine.

At a fraction of the cost of a new machine, and far less hassle than buying a used machine, upgrading your existing machine is a fantastic option!

Call or email us today for a review of your machine and guidance on the upgrade options.

Upgrades and Retrofits for Any Brand Balancing Machine

  • Stewart Warner
  • Pro-Bal
  • Hines
  • Winona
  • Balance Technology
  • Fentech
  • Schenck
  • Hofmann
  • CWT
  • IRD
  • Dynamics Research
  • JP Balancing
  • Abro
  • Gilman
  • Gisholt
  • Balanstar
  • CEMB
  • Coetz

Special Features

  • Multiple Control Solutions
  •     Laptop with Standalone Drive System
  •     All-In-One Computer
  •     Mobile Console
  • Fast sample times
  • Custom designs
  •     Can adapt to any Hard-Bearing Balancing machine
  •     Conversions available for Soft-Bearing Machines
  • 1, 2, or 3 Column Systems
  • Hard-Bearing Sensors and Electronics
  •     Permanent Calibration
  •     No Test Weights Needed
  • Windows 10 Embedded Operating System
  • On-Site Installation and Training available


A retrofit for a balancing machine involves replacing sensors, encoders, computer, wiring, and motor drives with new components. ProBal can conduct an electronics retrofit on any mechanically sound dynamic horizontal or vertical balancing machine bringing new life to old frames. Many machines start to fail due to their aging electronics and a retrofit kit can keep you running for another decade or more!

What are the benefits of a dynamic balancing machine retrofit?

  • Economic alternative to purchasing a new machine
  • Modern electronics are more accurate and sensitive than worn out and out-of-date components
  • Retrofits can be done at the machine site eliminating the need for rigging and transport cost
  • The amount of time the machine or process is out of commission is dramatically less than delivery for a new machine
  • Lifetime warranty on core electronics and one-year parts and labor warranty on sensors and computer

ProBal has made a commitment to lifetime software updates to keep your machines current and accurate. Our support team is knowledgeable in a wide range of balancing applications and can assist with advising you on how to work with your specific type of parts. We will make sure you know how to get the work done that you have in front of you to current industry standards. Extend the lifespan of your balancing machines even if it’s from the 1950’s!

Get A Quote!

Start your balancing machine retrofit with one of our sales engineers.


Speak with one of our highly-trained sales engineers while we evaluate your needs to deliver the best possible solution at a fraction of the cost of a new machine.


We can provide a turnkey package so that you are back up and running quickly. Whether you choose to self-install your new control or bring one of our technicians on site, we’ll make sure your upgrade is stress-free.


You can relax knowing that your ProBal control is not only one of the best balancing systems available, but you will always have world-class support just a phone call away.
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State-Of-The-Art Control Solutions

Depending on the type of machine you have and your manufacturing preferences ProBal can offer different options for control panels or interfaces. Industrial grade metal enclosure, Windows 10 Embedded, and touch screen capability offers the best balancing software solution in any environment. We can help you select the best approach to a control interface whether you’re looking for a simple and affordable laptop-based balancing system, or a full mobile console with built-in drive motor electronics.


Turnkey Install:

Our team does everything. Give us details on your machine and our experienced technicians will get it up and running.


Most of our upgrades are simple and require minimal effort to install. Using our remote support team, you can install this upgrade yourself!

Onsite Commissioning:

After a self-install and your machine is ready to start using, one of our team members will come to your facility to verify calibration, check operating performance, and personally train your operators.

Ship Your Machine:

We’ll have your machine picked up, delivered to our facility, rebuild and upgrade it, and then ship it back working better than new!

Remote Support

Get help instantly with Remote Log In Support (Anydesk)

Our Technicians can log in to your computer remotely and see exactly what you see on the control. We can quickly diagnose and fix your issues before you spend unnecessary time and money on a costly on-site visit for issues that are often overlooked when communicating blindly over a phone call. If an on-site visit would be preferred or required, we’ll be more prepared to know how to quickly resolve the issues when our technicians do arrive.

Speed Up Your Process

Add functionality to your current machine – built in ISO tolerance calculator, drill correction calculations, customizable reports, real-time correction positioning, single or dual plane scenarios, measurement history, keyway compensation, tooling compensation, and more, all in a very intuitive and elegant interface!
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