Application – Electric Motor Rotors

electric motor rotor dynamic balancing machine

Electric Motor Rotor Dynamic Balancing Machine

Navigating the balancing process for electric motor armatures and rotors becomes a seamless experience with ProBal's innovative overhead drive system. This exclusive design trumps traditional wraparound systems, simplifying operations and enhancing speed and precision.

Unlike the conventional wraparound drives that require frequent adjustments of belt length depending on the part's diameter, our overhead drive keeps the belt permanently mounted on the arm. The operator just needs to press the belt against the part to commence spinning. This simplification accelerates the balancing process for parts of diverse sizes, saving valuable setup time.

This unique feature is incorporated in both our UL and L series machines. The UL series is tailored for smaller parts, with its high sensitivity and compact design enabling precise and quick balancing. The L series caters to larger electric motor rotors, upholding our dedication to swift and exact results.

Each of our machines is designed with a sturdy, composite-filled steel base, linear bearing rail systems for effortless column movement, and advanced electronics for reliable functioning. Coupled with intuitive software and a touchscreen interface, real-time data interpretation and balance adjustments become effortless.

At ProBal, we offer more than just superior balancing machines. Our promise includes unparalleled training and support to ensure optimal utilization of our machines, maximizing productivity. Trust in ProBal to deliver unmatched efficiency, precision, and reliability in every balancing project.

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