Vertical Balancing Machines

ProBal Dynamic Balancing works closely with the end-user to supply vertical balancing machines specifically suited to the part to be balanced. While it is acceptable many times to build a universal vertical balancer it is more common to build a machine with a customized spindle to directly accept the rotating assembly or part.
Contact us today to discuss the ultimate design to balance your part most efficiently.

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Vertical Balancing Machine Features

  • Multiple Measurement Modes
  • -Single Plane
  • -Dual Plane
  • Custom Spindle Design
  • Drill Press Integration
  • Fast Measurement Cycles
  • Windows 10 Embedded
  • 22” Touchscreen Computer
  • Various Automation Solutions


Our vertical balancing machines are the perfect choice for balancing disk-like parts that don’t have their own arbor. Vertical balancers are a faster means of getting high-definition single or dual plane data. Our vertical series still use our fast-reading sensors and the same state of the art software and electronics as our universal machines.

ProBal vertical balancing machines are great for parts like: flywheels, pulleys, gears, fans, and clutch plates. We also offer the ability to customize to meet our customers needs, including safety protection.

Custom Designs

Our application engineers are expecting most vertical balancing machines to need custom adapters and spindles. We can quickly respond to any request to tailor a vertical balancing machine to any industry or part type. We can confidentially collaborate to supply elegant, modern, and flexible solutions with real-time visual remote feedback before your machine is shipped. View your part on our machines in 3D before the design is commissioned and implemented so that you can be confident our solutions meet your needs.
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Application Support

Typical mounting solutions for a component mounted with a vertical axis can include a hub with a multi-bolt hole pattern, tapered bore or shaft, collet, or clamping chuck. Universal and part-matched mounting solutions are both available. We can supply a custom spindle shaft or provide design constraints and guidelines so that our customers have control of their own processes.

Modern Technology and Automation

ProBal vertical balancing machines utilize hard-bearing spring assemblies and permanent calibration. This ensures consistent long-term reliability and accuracy. Hard-bearing designs also make our machines ready to easily accommodate automatic correction systems like drill press attachments or welding arms. These machines can be upgraded to semi-automatic or fully automatic vertical balancing machines with robotic or conveyor type part change.