Application – Propellers

Propeller Dynamic Balancing Machine

Shaping the world of propeller balancing, ProBal offers exceptional solutions in the form of our L series and M series machines. Engineered to handle large-diameter propellers, these machines integrate advanced technology with our expert design.

The L series machines, with their extended height columns, comfortably accommodate propellers of varying sizes. Even though the overhead drive isn't a critical feature for these parts, we offer it as an option to deliver the flexibility our clients appreciate. The overhead drive shines in its capacity to expedite the setup process without having to adjust the belt length, making it a strong choice for propellers within the weight limits of the drive.

Our M series machines showcase their robust capabilities when accommodating particularly large or heavy propellers. Specifically engineered for these demanding applications, the M series integrates a traditional wraparound drive, offering superior belt contact with the belt hub and preventing slippage, even when managing sizable weights.

Both these machines have a sturdy, composite-filled steel base and linear bearing rail systems for easy column movement. The balancing process becomes a breeze with our state-of-the-art electronics and intuitive software. A touchscreen interface makes real-time data interpretation straightforward, aiding in precise balance adjustments.

With ProBal, you're investing not just in a machine but also in a partnership. We stand by our commitment to provide continuous support and training, ensuring our clients extract the maximum efficiency and precision from our machines. Rely on ProBal for the seamless balancing of your propellers.