Application – Centrifugal Fans

horizontal-fan-balancing-machine by ProBal dynamic balancing

Centrifugal Fan Dynamic Balancing Machine

Balancing centrifugal 'squirrel cage' fans calls for unique considerations, and we at ProBal are fully equipped to meet these specific needs. Our dynamic balancing machines are meticulously designed with both overhung and vertical configurations, optimally addressing these types of fans' specific characteristics. The overhung configuration allows the fan to be balanced outboard of the support columns, catering perfectly to the fans' unique structure and ensuring a seamless, effective balancing process, while the vertical configuration is perfect for handling disc-shaped fans and efficiently managing space.

Understanding the significant concern that windage presents when balancing these fans, we provide optional enclosures to limit windage effects. This ensures precise and accurate measurements and corrections, optimizing fan performance.

Our balancing machines deliver unmatched precision and consistency, featuring advanced sensors and permanent calibration. This successful mitigation of unwanted vibrations improves fan performance, reduces operational noise, and enhances the system's overall lifespan.

centrifugal fan balancing machine
Our machines employ user-friendly, touchscreen-compatible balancing software on a Windows 10 Embedded Operating System, enabling real-time data collection and analysis for efficient balancing adjustments.

In addition to providing superior machines, we offer comprehensive training and steadfast service. This ensures your team can maximize the capabilities of our machines, resolve any challenges swiftly, and minimize downtime.

In conclusion, ProBal's dynamic balancing machines are expertly tailored to meet the unique balancing needs of centrifugal 'squirrel cage' fans. Our unwavering commitment to enhancing fan performance, reducing noise, and extending lifespan significantly contributes to the efficiency and productivity of your operation.




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