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Our Probal dynamic vertical balancing machines are the perfect choice for balancing disk-like parts without their own arbor. Our vertical balancers are a faster means of getting high definition single plane data. Our vertical series still use our fast reading sensors and ahead of the curve software as our horizontal machines.

Probal dynamic vertical balancing machines are great for parts like: flywheels, pulleys, gears, fans, and clutch plates. We also offer the ability to customize to meet our customers needs, including safety protection.


Our application engineers are expecting most vertical balancing machines to need custom adapters and spindles. We can quickly respond to any request to tailor a vertical balancing machine to any industry or part type. We can confidentially collaborate to supply elegant, modern, and flexible solutions with real-time visual remote feedback before your machine is shipped. View your part on our machines in 3D before the design is commissioned and implemented so that you can be confident our solutions meet your needs.
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The ProBal Dynamic Balancing system is fast and efficient. We have a fast, modern, and highly sophisticated instrument designed to quickly measure dynamic unbalance on parts ranging from just a few pounds to rotating assemblies weighing tens of thousands of pounds. We utilize advanced analog filtering and the latest digital signal processing techniques to provide very fast and accurate measurements displayed in a very simple, intuitive user interface.

On the Home screen you’ll find everything you need to quickly understand the condition of the part being balanced and can easily apply offsets and compensations to fine tune your correction strategy. Tools for calculating your balancing tolerance to industry standards are built directly into the software along with keyway compensation, tooling compensation, segmentation, drill correction, measurement history, and balancing reports.

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